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June 2007

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    About Us

    The New Health Network was established in 1999 by health professionals to promote positive change in the NHS. It is now a broad coalition of individuals and organisations strongly committed to sustainable health service modernisation.

    Our vision

    The New Health Network works to help shape a future where the NHS fulfils its potential for all patients. We want to see:

    > policy and practice driven by patient needs
    > good practice shared and built upon
    > all NHS change benefiting patients and the public health
    > staff, patients and the public actively involved in improving health policy
    > society celebrating NHS success

    Our organisation

    The New Health Network is an independent multi-professional network that focuses exclusively on patient interests. It is a not-for-profit organisation committed to a safe, successful, efficient, caring health service funded through general taxation, available to all according to need not ability to pay.

    The organisation and its programme of work is funded through corporate and NHS subscriptions, donations, conference and publication sales and other sponsorship activities.

    Our Key Staff are:

    Margaret Mythen has been Chief Executive of The New Health Network since May 2000. Her background combines health policy development, communication and campaigns with 12 years practical experience working in the NHS. Before taking up her current position she was Head of Policy for the Labour Party and had specific responsibility for health policy from 1994 to 1999. Margaret regularly speaks and writes on health related issues.

    Rosa Napolitano is Director of Organisational Development at the New Health Network with lead responsibility for marketing and income generation. Rosa was previously Head of Events & Marketing at NLGN, where she led on NLGN’s marketing and sponsorship activity as well as a programme of national one day conferences, regional roadshows, fringes, publications and events.

    Our Trustees are:

    Dr Tom Coffey, GP, Executive Chair, Wandsworth PCT

    Sue Page, Chief Executive, Cumbria PCT

    Claire Perry, Chief Executive, Lewisham University Hospitals NHS Trust

    Linda Smith, organisational development consultant

    Professor Ray Powles, Clinical Oncologist

    Our activities

    Our work is driven by health professionals to:

    > network doers and thinkers, through a range of events on topical issues and practical solutions.
    > inform ideas and challenge attitudes through surveys, publications and commentary

    Network members have the opportunity to:

    > take part in seminars, conferences and consultations
    > write articles for our publications
    > contribute to policy forums

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